It was reported on May 27, 2022, that a bill released by Republican U.S. Senators Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio and Mike Braun on May 26 states that companies that own or control app stores “may not load or support any transaction that supports or enables the digital Renminbi in an app store in the United States. “

Cotton’s office says the Chinese Communist Party will use its digital currency to control and spy on anyone who uses it. The United States cannot give the Chinese Communist Party this opportunity. The U.S. should reject the CCP’s attempts to undermine the U.S. economy at the most basic level.

Braun said the CCP’s digital Renminbi allows direct control and access to individuals’ financial lives. “We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party to use its controlled digital currency as a tool to infiltrate the U.S. economy and private information of U.S. citizens.”

Rubio believes this is a significant financial and surveillance risk that the United States cannot afford.

Earlier, Tencent’s WeChat announced that it began supporting the digital Renminbi. Alipay, owned by Jack Ma’s Ant Group, also accepts digital currency. Both apps can be found in the Apple and Google app stores.


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