to know the mission of the NFSC and the rescue operation on the border of the Medyka, Poland

The NFSC Ukraine Rescue2022.5.14 British Freelancer Journalist Interviewed with Nicole_ Part A

What is your name, please?

Well, welcome to our tent!


So my name is Nicole and I’m from the US. But I’m a member of the New Federal State of China! The New Federal State of China!

Yeah, yeah, so it’s unless I haven’t seen the news today. But has something happened in China to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party? Or is this at the moment a wish for the future?

Yes, absolutely.

So there’s a movement called the Chinese Whistleblower Movement which was started back in 2017 by Mr Miles Guo who escaped Communist China and started whistleblowing against the Chinese Communist Party about its crimes against humanity and especially about its persecution of the Chinese people in a massive scale. And so he is the founder and leader of the New Federal State of China. So this movement has been going on for five years, but many people haven’t heard about it, because we’ve been censored by the mainstream media. The Chinese Communist Party has been spreading its influence all over the world and including in the western mainstream media. So a lot of the mainstream media have been practising self-censorship. They have been silencing our voice. So I’m so glad you came to Medyka and see our existence. We have the largest and most well-equipped tent. As you can see this is a very well-built tent. And since the beginning of early March, we have received over 16,000 Ukrainian refugees. And this tent also provides a comfortable place for all the international volunteers and freelancer journalists like yourself. And many media professionals have been here using our free WIFI. And our free WIFI the username is ‘federal state of china” and our password is ‘takedown ccp”.

That’s a good password.

Yes and okay so.

Let’s, first of all, ask about the Ukraine situation


How do you or not a necessity as a person, but how do you as an organization feel about what’s happening now in Ukraine?

Yes, so I’m a volunteer and all of the people here working for this operation. We are all volunteers who are sponsored by the Rule of Law Foundation in New York. And the Rule of Law Foundation in New York has a mission to take down the Chinese Communist Party. Because they consider it a humanitarian cause to free the 1.4 billion Chinese people still struggling under the Communist dictatorship. So speaking of Ukraine, we all know the Chinese Communist Party has a part in this war in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And Xi Jinping is Putin’s friend. So the Chinese Communist Party has been providing moral support, military assistance and probably financial support for this war. So everybody knows that the Chinese Communist Party is standing on the wrong side of history.

But listen this is the most important thing the Chinese Communist Party does not represent the Chinese people! So in this whole Ukrainian refugee operation, you don’t see the Chinese government people, you don’t see anybody sent by the Chinese Communist Party! What you see here is the new Chinese people from the New Federal State of China. Because as our vast clearly displays our mission, we are taking down the Chinese Communist Party! We’re overthrowing that evil dictatorship. And we have a mission to defend world peace, and secure the Rule of Law by taking down the most threatening existential threat to humanity, which is the Chinese Communist Party!

Do you think that Putin, because at the end of the day Putin claims to be anti-Communist? Do you think that he is really a Communist? or he couldn’t tell us?

Action speaks louder! And we learned that politicians can have glee. But they can talk about very nice things. But let’s take a look at their action. This invasion of Ukraine is absolutely wrong, and also the Chinese Communist Party has been supporting Putin. So they’ve been colluding and so that’s the action that we only believe in action.  We don’t believe in words! And so we condemn this war! And we stand with the Ukrainian people! And that’s why beginning in March this year, we’ve been coming here to support the Ukrainian people. And we have received so many Ukraine mothers, children and grandmas because most of the men are left behind fighting the war. And we need to be here for the victims of the war! And we need to stand on the right side of history!

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