The NFSC Ukraine Rescue2022.5.14 British Freelance Journalist interview Nicole _ Part B

So how when did this tent go up?

Yeah, so this tent was established in early March. I think in like March 8th or 10th. And as soon as it was started, we received on average on a typical day in March on average we receive about 1000 refugees per day. And back in March, the weather was freezing cold. Sometimes we have frost on the ground. We have snowing and so it was freezing. And people have been telling us that this is the only warm tent for the nights. And so we have like eight like heaters and also we have a very high powered heater on the ground. And we have like the airbed, sleeping equipment. And we’ve been giving out a lot of blankets and sleeping bags to assist the people. And this is the time that I feel like humanity should overcome everything. We need to be here.

Yes, yes, now I feel very much in the same way as well. Now to return to China. How many people are on your side or on our side in China?

You know the dictatorship is always a minority, a tiny portion of the people, who want to control the majority of the power and wealth without their consent. So there is only a tiny portion of the Chinese Communist Party member who we call the Chinese Communist Kleptocrats, and probably they’re a very tiny portion. Most of the Chinese people within the Chinese Communist Party members are not bad people, they’re just in a bad situation.  So I think at least there are at least 500 million people in China who are openly on our side, and probably there are more people who are secretly supporting us. But they are quietly defecting. But yeah it works in their best interest not to identify themselves in public. We have more silent supporters within the Chinese Communist Party, especially among the high ranking government official and military leadership. And that’s what scares the Chinese Communist Party to death because they’re not afraid of the western. You know people, you know, against the Chinese Communist Party. They’re most afraid of the people, especially members of the Chinese Communist Party defecting.

So in this case, this is the same situation as in Russia of course, because this war is not really aimed at the Ukrainians, but rather against the Russians to show what will happen to them if they themselves try to overthrow the dictatorship. But you think that 50% of the adult population 500 million roughly 50% isn’t roughly adult population.

Adult here, yeah.

Is there anybody within the Chinese, Sorry I don’t know Chinese politics, but is there anybody known within the leadership who could be more liberal-minded? who could want to overthrow or sow to have a peaceful transition as happened for example in the Soviet Union in 1990?

Yes, that’s a great question!

And that’s what we hope for that we’re working on. And because we want the revolution to be peaceful, non-threatening non-harming to the Chinese people. And so I think if you look at how Communism fell in the former Soviet Union in the former, you know Eastern Bloc in the early nineties. You know it was peaceful and so most places, not everywhere.

Most cases are peaceful

And so this one has always been peaceful and there has never been any violence from the Chinese Whistleblower Movement against the dictatorship. Because we believe that civil disobedience and people’s awakening is the most powerful way to disintegrate Communism.

Yes, yes.

Yeah, yeah.

So anyway well that’s been very nice talking to you. Thank you very much!

So can you tell me what is your name and where are you from?

So my name is Alan. Oh, I’ll just turn off my own camera now. Yes, yes, so for our camera. So I’ll just explain this one here because this is actually recorded twice, so it’s like two interviews. So obviously it gives us more time for drinking it. We thought we’d do it together

So thanks for watching and thank you. More videos on the channel.

Okay, thank you!

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