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Staying on China, the BBC has a report out today on Xinjiang, which is based on data from police computers in the region. And they lay out in meticulous detail, the way police have been targeting any expression of Uighur identity or culture, and also evidence that the chain of command runs all the way up to Xi Jinping. So I wanted to ask first of all, does the State Department have any reaction to the information in the report?
So. I did happen to see that report. We are appalled by the reports and the jarring images of the PRC’s internment camps in Xinjiang from 2018, those reports that are in those images that are being shared online. Unfortunately, the PRC’s genocide and crimes against humanity against predominantly Muslim Uighurs and Muslims of other ethnic and religious minority groups remains ongoing in Xinjiang. And this new reporting further adds to an already damning body of evidence of the PRC’s atrocities in Xinjiang, including evidence previously disclosed and earlier publicly reporting seen in satellite imagery and gathered via witness testimony from survivors and escapees of the internment and forced labor camps. Despite increasing public awareness and strong calls for accountability, the PRC government continues to deny any wrongdoing. We’re deeply concerned by the PRC’s failure to acknowledge and to stop these atrocities and to transparently address the chorus of concerns raised by the international community and will continue to work with our partners and our allies to promote accountability for those responsible for these atrocities. We have and we continue to call on the PRC to immediately release all those arbitrarily detained people to abolish the internment camps, to end mass detention, torture, or sterilization, and the use of force labor.
And does the State Department assess that the chain of command on the Uighur repression runs directly up to the President?
I don’t want to offer a tactical assessment of that. But I will just say, in a system like the PRC’s, it would be very difficult to imagine that a systemic effort to suppress, to detain, to conduct a campaign of genocide and crimes against humanity, would not have the blessing, would not have the approval of the highest levels of the PRC government.

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