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Translated by: MOS English Team – Wenqin

In response to the continuous illegal poaching of Taiwan’s high-tech talent by Chinese companies in recent years, the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) launched the second wave of operations after interviewing eight companies and a nationwide search in March this year. From May 23rd to May 26th, the Bureau conducted a 20-way search across Taiwan, and 70 people were interviewed, including the heads of 10 Chinese-owned offices and subsidiaries in Taiwan, such as “Liangchuang Electronic Technology”. The whole case is being investigated as a violation of the “Act Governing Relations Between Taiwan and Mainland China”, and four prosecutors’ offices in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu were requested to take charge of the case, and more than 100 investigators were mobilized.

Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office searched three Chinese enterprises, “XEPIC Corp” and interviewed Chen Yushu, the head of the company’s Taiwan office; “Lianchuang Tech” owned by China’s Shenzhen DNS Industries Co. and interviewed Chen Weixuan, the head of the company in Taiwan; and “GigaDevice Semiconductor (HK)”, a subsidiary of China’s Beijing GigaDevice Semiconductor Company, and interviewed Wang Wenhao, the head of the company in Taiwan.

New Taipei District Prosecutors Office searched two Chinese companies, the pseudo-Taiwanese-owned “Joulwatt Technology”, which specializes in the development of power management, IC design and sales; and “GT Incorporated”, a Chinese company that develops liquid crystal display.

Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office searched two Chinese companies, namely “Hautza Precise Co.”, which specializes in micro-drive motors and has a private search and development base in Taiwan, and “Hong Kong Sunny Optical”, which specializes in the design and development of optical, optoelectronic components, camera modules and optical measuring instruments.

Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office searched three companies, the pseudo-Taiwanese-owned “Heroman Biotechnology Co.” , which is a semiconductor IC design company; “Huada Beidou Technology Co.”, which specializes in navigation and positioning chip design, research and development, and application in the fields of satellite, automobile navigation, and Internet of Things; and the pseudo-Taiwanese-owned “Jia-Ji RF-Pro Technology Co.”, which specializes in the development of low-temperature co-fired ceramic LTCC process radio frequency components.

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