Written by: Quitman

Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

The CCP has launched a campaign to clear the virus in China. All over the country, city closures, district closures, street closures, building closures and door closures have become the laughing stock of the world. Internationally, the CCP’s diplomatic strategy of supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and cooperating with Russia without any upper limit has been isolated and condemned by the peace-loving people of the world.

Anyone with a bit of sense knows that the clearances and blockades have caused far more damage to people’s lives and property than the damage caused by the virus. The Chinese, whose wounds from the ravages of the invaders have not yet been completely healed, are now lavishing praise on the Ukrainian aggressors. The people of the world are left to wonder what has happened to China? What has gone wrong with the Chinese?

Those who know China and the Chinese people know that the root of all the problems lies with Xi Jinping alone. He has kidnapped the Chinese people for his own selfishness and for the benefit of his party. He has used his unlimited power to lord it over the people of Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and even the whole country.

He put his personal friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin above the interests of the country and the nation. China is nominally the “People’s Republic of China”, but in reality, it has never been free from the imperial system of one-man rule. Xi Jinping is the emperor of China, but with different titles, such as President Xi, Xi Core, Xi Yizun, Xi Sun and Xi Dada.

Mr Guo i has repeatedly reminded the world on air that when Xi came to power, he essentially abolished the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee system and replaced it with the State Security Leadership Group, whose members are all his inner circle. In addition, Xi has mandated that all CCP Politburo members and Standing Committee members report to him on a regular basis, which means that they are considered “servants”.

Similarly, the leaders of the CCP at all levels treat ordinary people as “animal slaves”. There is no greater sorrow for the Chinese than the fact that they are still governed by a medieval feudal political system, even though they have entered the 21st century. China’s political system is still a one-party dictatorship of the CCP and a one-man dictatorship of Xi Jinping.

In the Mao era, Mao Zedong monopolized the power of the party, government and army, and cultivated a group of people who revered him as the “red sun”, “great leader” and “great helmsman”. They engaged in class warfare on Mao’s instructions, knocking down, crushing, exile or jailing all those who were disobedient around him.

The aim was “to bring chaos to the whole country and to bring about a great rule”, and this was done “every seven to eight years”. During the 27 years of Mao’s rule, the national economy was on the verge of collapse and the number of people killed, officially 50 million, had actually reached 100 million. Mao had brought too much disaster to the Chinese people.

After Mao’s death, Deng Xiaoping became the bully who actually ruled China again, realizing that if he continued to rule along Mao’s lines, CCP was bound to perish soon with the collapse of the national economy, and thus abandoned Mao’s approach of governing amidst chaos and allowed the people to develop the economy.

However, he did not allow anyone to challenge the CCP’s dominance, and he was also a dictator who abolished two CCP general secretaries in succession, ordered the army to shoot at unarmed young students and citizens on June 4, 1989, and ran over people demanding democracy and the rule of law with tanks, creating the June 4 bloodbath in Beijing that shocked the world. The lives of countless young students were lost on that day. Deng Xiaoping’s hands were stained with people’s blood.

Today, how many more lives have been buried in vain by the CCP virus and Xi Jinping’s “virus clean-up” campaign. In order to secure his position of power, Xi Jinping has followed the example of Mao Zedong and used viruses and vaccines to mess up China, thus using his firm grip on military power to control over the people. He cares nothing about how many people die and how much economic damage.

He thought it was inevitable that people would die with the change of dynasties. So, in order to be fully in power at the 20th Congress of the CCP, he wants people to know that he is the “boss” and that his word is worth 10,000 words”. His policy of “zeroing out the virus” must be “right”, or “right” even if it is not. His “smash Hong Kong and control Hong Kong” approach must be “right”. His national policy of “bringing down the world economy, messing up the United States and challenging the hegemony of the US dollar” must be “right”. His line of “supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and cooperating with Russia without limit” must be “right”.

In short, he has to get the Chinese to admit what he has done at any cost. Mr Guo said on air that people close to Xi Jinping had revealed that he would accept a reduction in China’s GDP from the current US$15 trillion to US$5 trillion (a 2/3 reduction), meaning that the Chinese people’s standard of living would return to the days of Mao’s Cultural Revolution when they were short of food and clothing. In order to secure re-election to the 20th Congress, he thinks it is normal for tens of millions of people to die in China.

See, dear compatriots, how terrible dictatorship and one-man rule can be. Based on the information he has obtained and the current political and economic situation and trends in China and abroad,

Mr Guo warns that if the CCP and Xi Jinping are not eliminated as soon as possible, the disasters of the Mao era or even worse will happen again to the Chinese in the next few years. May God protect the suffering Chinese people by sending angels to destroy CCP and save the Chinese people from their suffering sooner!