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Translated by: Himalaya UK – Badman

On May 21, Myanmar and the Cambodian diaspora in Los Angeles gathered in front of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles to protest against the Chinese Communist Party’s support for the Myanmar military dictatorship.

On April 1, despite the opposition of the Myanmar people, Communist China declared that “no matter how the situation changes”, they will express their unequivocal support for the Myanmar military dictatorship. This move aroused strong complaints from the Myanmar community in the United States, demanding that CCP stop supporting the military government and interfere with Myanmar’s social development.

On May 20, the Myanmar diaspora around the world held rallies in their cities to protest against the CCP’s announcement of support for the military government. At 3:30 p.m. that day, the Myanmar community held a protest in Washington’s front of the CCP embassy. The local Cambodian community in Los Angeles also went to the Chinese consulate to participate in the protest rally. Because Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is the only foreign leader who has visited Myanmar after the military coup in Myanmar so far.

According to James Shwe, the initiator of the rally, the Myanmar military government has killed innocent people indiscriminately, since it came to power in February 2021 and has led to the destruction of countless Myanmar people.

He said communist China has signed a cooperation agreement with the Myanmar military government to indirectly help them massacre civilians in Myanmar. More than 1,700 civilians have been killed by alleged security forces since the military coup in Myanmar.

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