1. The extermination of the CCP is our religion, the New Federal State of China is our faith after the extermination of the CCP.

2. Mr. Miles Guos greatest loneliness is that no one really understands.

3. A super internet influencer wanted to join the Whistleblower Movement, but Mr. Miles Guo refused. Because some people can feel they cannot go far with the Whistleblower Movement.

4. There is no real gain from Lighthearted,  real gain comes from tears.

5. There is no absolute fairness and absolute equality in the world

6. G-EDU education is striving for absolute fairness.

7. The New Federal State of China will not give you absolute equality, but it will give you an absolute fair system.

8. The Chinese build up relationships as achievement everywhere they go, Americans build up their strength everywhere. The second problem for the Chinese is hurting each other.

9. The New Federal State of China needs people in too many places, but now there are too few, which is why we need live broadcasts. When any organization is established, the first step is to recruit members.

10. You can be an ambitious member, but you can’t be explosive.

11. How to get along among fellow fighters: A culture of compromise.

12. Must learn to meditate.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy