Edition and Translation : Jenny Ball
Review: yuddy

Miles almost broke his promise to not drink during today’s live broadcast because of the excellent news about how to bring down the CCP. According to Miles:

There is no single factor that will cause the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to fail:

Nothing, on its own, will bring the CCP down. Let me tell you that in the last 70 years, the Chinese people have committed two mistakes.

First, the Chinese people are cowards and ignorant, with no fundamental grasp of the world, which has allowed the CCP to persist for so long.

Second, they are unsure why the CCP is so powerful. It is because the rest of the world acknowledged this dictatorship. The CCP will not survive if the world treats it the same way it treats Russia, no matter how selfish the Chinese are.

All of these conditions cannot destroy the CCP on their own, but when combined, they can destroy the evil CCP, and all three doors to eliminating the CCP will be opened:

The containment policies of the United States and Japan in Asia have become a siege for the CCP. The CCP may launch nuclear weapons at this time, much like a desperate dog leaping over a wall. Finally, there is no other option. People from within the CCP will emerge and depose the CCP.

Link of Miles live broadcast May 24: https://gettr.com/streaming/p1b3e7k8191