Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

The Chinese Communist Party’s media recently reported the propaganda news of Beijing residents expressing gratitude to lockdown enforcement personnel by various methods. On May 4 at the Hongshan Jiayuan Community in Shibalidian Town in Chaoyang District in Beijing, a resident under lockdown bought a cake for the lockdown enforcement personnel to thank their hard work. Some people expressed gratitude to the lockdown enforcement personnel by singing the popular “Anti-Covid” song, which is so low and brainwashing.     

What’s even worse is that a “Take virus PCR test and prevent Covid” children’s song also appears in children’s books. The Chinese Communist Party’s shameless brainwashing of children deserves to be condemned by any insulting language.

While the CCP regime unabashedly praises lockdown enforcement personnel, why is there no news report about the fact that some lockdown enforcement personnel forced a whole family of starving women to have sex with them in exchange for a cup of instant noodles? Why is there no news report about lockdown enforcement personnel robbing the residents’ properties under the pretext of spraying disinfectants? As the CCP shamelessly lies and creates confusion, shouldn’t the regime be afraid of karma punishment from the souls who perished during the inhumane lockdowns? 

Mr. Miles Guo revealed in his live broadcast that more than 400K people have died during Shanghai’s nearly two months of lockdown, while the death toll is 250K for lockdown in Changchun, and the death toll is still increasing. Despite the huge number of deaths during the brutal lockdowns, the regime still praises lockdown enforcement personnel and still shamelessly spreads brainwashing propaganda. Yet some brainless people are willing to act as supporters of the CCP regime for some small payment—which is so foolish!

The CCP regime has imposed shackles over the Chinese people’s minds for more than seventy years. If the shackle is not broken, then it is a chain leading to hell. The saying “following the CCP will lead you to the crematorium” is not an alarmist exaggeration. Look at the tormented souls who starved to death, committed suicide, or died because of a lack of access to medical care in Shanghai or Changchun during the draconian lockdowns. Is anyone willing to be a victim of the lockdown?

Today’s Communist China is already in the middle of a second Cultural Revolution. And various factors such as the international situation and China’s domestic economy together will open the third gateway to overthrow the CCP regime. For our own survival and for the survival of our offspring, we should take action to be the last straw to crush the CCP regime.