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Hello, welcome to the G-Times News from Canada Sailing Farm. On May 24th in a livestream, Miles Guo shared his view on the future world. He said in the future the entire world will be jointly ruled by US, European NATO, Asian version of NATO, and the African version of NATO rather than only by the US and the Chinese Communist Party – CCP. The Asian version of NATO will consist of US, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. Europe will keep its current NATO while Africa will have the African version of NATO. All these alliances together will be ruling the world In addition, Australia would rise for sure and Canada would also become strong. He emphasized that the greatest change the world will be facing is that there will be no kinetic wars anymore. The weapon systems will be drones and AI weapons. He also mentioned that Taiwan will definitely join the IPEF, which is the same as CPTPP previously proposed by Abe. Joining the IPEF means joining the forces to take down the CCP. Thank you for watching G-Times News and see you next time!


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