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Hello, welcome to G-Times News from Canada Sailing Farm. On May 24th in a livestream, Miles Guo talked about the future of digital currencies. He said the world has entered a new era, the competition among digital currencies will be dominant and surpass the scale of any war, digital currencies will be the center of all conflicts in the future. He said the upcoming Tangping Coin will be completely decentralized and independent of all fiat currencies. It can be used to purchase anything directly. On the other hand, H-Coin is the only one and most advanced generation 5 (G5) digital currency in the world so far, which is a combination of technology of G3, stability of G4 and fiat currency. Miles Guo said he’s confident that Tangping Coin and Himalaya Coin will appreciate in the next 3 – 5 years just like how Bitcoin appreciated in the past 3 -5 years. He pointed out that in the new era, digital currencies and outer space exploration will definitely be the center of the world. After next year, for people who have Himalaya Coin and Tangping Coin in their pocket, travelling in the outer space won’t be only a dream anymore. Thank you for watching G-Times News and see you next time!


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