May 27th, 2022

Students at Beijing Normal University (Beishida) gather to show their displeasure with current restrictions on their movements under the Chinese Communist Party’s zero-COVID policy, May 24, 2022. Image:Shared by protest participants.

According to a story by on May 25th, 20232, it talks about how hundreds of students have been gathering this week at two Beijing universities to protest over COVID-19 restrictions, according to video footage uploaded to social media.

Hundreds of students at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and at Beijing Normal University (Beishida) gathered to show their disapproval of the current restrictions regarding their movements, as the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to roll out its zero-COVID policy across the country following a particularly brutal 8+ week-long lockdown in Shanghai.

The fact that hundreds of students are protesting is not only alarming but incredibly dangerous for those involved, as we are all well aware of the total brutality of the evil CCP when anyone or anything goes against their demands.

The students in Beijing have seen what happened in Shanghai with the forced lockdown and subsequent starvation that followed and they are worried that this will happen to them. The lying, manipulating communist authorities have said that everything will be ok but they have heard this before and are becoming increasingly concerned as time goes by.     

Let us all hope that these protests don’t turn into another bloody Tiananmen Square massacre, this is probably more difficult nowadays with all the mass surveillance and the fact that everyone has a smartphone everything now can easily be captured on video. The problem with communist China is the fact that you cannot believe a word that comes out of there as the media is all state-run and therefore only tells the people what they want them to know.

Editors Comments: For the sake of the Chinese people as well as the world the sooner the evil CCP is taken down the better. Who knows what the real death rate is in mainland China, only a few CCP officials will know this, but one thing is for sure it will be many times higher than the lying government officials say it is. The Chinese Communist Party only cares about power and control they do not care about the Chinese people, Together we are stronger and together we will take down the evil CCP.

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