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Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Happybird

Gettr netizens broke the news on May 25 that on the eve of the June 4th anniversary, students’ on-campus marches and protests broke out in many colleges and universities in Beijing.

Due to the recent escalation of Beijing’s lockdown and epidemic prevention, the closure of major colleges and universities has provoked student protests. On May 23,  some students protested at the China University of Political Science and Law. These students have successfully gotten permission to leave the school and return home. The next day, the students of Beijing Normal University also followed the example of the University of Law and held a large-scale march on campus. The school has also compromised and verbally promised not to make reprisals for the students later on. Previously, Peking University, Beijing International Studies University, and other colleges and universities have also erupted in collective protests on campus. But the relevant students have been punished by the school and even arrested by the police. In addition, according to relevant sources, Peking University will hold a new round of protests pretty soon. In response to this situation, Mr. Guo Wengui indicated that the current situation in Beijing is somewhat similar to the incident on the eve of June 4, 1989. Still, today’s university students in Communist China are far less brave than university students were 33 years ago. However, these students will be inexorably repressed because Communist China has one of the most brutal and dictatorial rogue governments.


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