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Comprehensive media reporting of a video that circulated on the Internet on May 26 indicated that residents who died of starvation were found in another community in Shanghai, with the smell of the corpses was already present.

A video released on May 25 showed that several “big whites” were carrying a black body bag out of a residential building, and many residents downstairs were watching and taking pictures. However, several people wearing protective clothing at the scene discouraged bystanders from filming and even threatened them.

The whistleblower who posted the video said that the incident occurred in Jiahai Yayuan Community, Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. It is said that residents died in their homes due to starvation, and the stench was overwhelming.

Although it is impossible to tell whether the deceased died of starvation or illness from the video alone, from the fact that the “big white” at the scene discouraged residents from taking pictures, the officials obviously do not want the cause of death to be exposed.

At the same time, according to Kyodo News Shanghai on May 25, two Japanese people have died in Shanghai, China. The Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai revealed the matter on the 25th, but the cause of death is currently unknown. These are the first confirmed Japanese deaths in Shanghai under lockdown.

The Japanese consulate did not disclose details, including the gender and age of the two people, citing “privacy concerns.”

Shanghai has implemented strict travel restrictions for several months, and many residents are still unable to go out freely. There have been many deaths under the lockdown policy, highlighting the failure of the epidemic prevention policy and the incompetence of the Chinese government.


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