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(Epoch Times, May 26, 2022) (Xin Li) – Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter Inc., resigned from the company’s board of directors on Wednesday, May 25. The company’s board position, which went ahead as planned, comes at a time when billionaire Elon Musk’s mega-buyout of the social media company carries on.

Dorsey’s departure from Twitter’s board was expected. Twitter originally announced last November that Dorsey would step down from the board when his term expires at the company’s 2022 shareholder meeting. That meeting was held on Wednesday.

Dorsey’s departure means that all of Twitter’s founders have now severed official ties with the company.

Dorsey served as Twitter’s chief executive officer (CEO) twice, most recently until November 2021, when Parag Agrawal, then chief technology officer, succeeded him.

Dorsey is also CEO of payments company Block, formerly known as Square.

On April 25, Twitter’s board of directors unanimously approved the sale of the company to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for $44 billion. Dorsey, who has a friendly relationship with Musk, supported the acquisition and tweeted that he believes Musk can lead the company in a healthy direction.

“Elon’s goal is to create the ‘most credible and broadly inclusive’ platform,” Dorsey said, adding that “that’s why I chose him.”

“This is the right path. . .  I believe with all my heart,” he wrote.

Musk, however, had shelved initial plans to acquire Twitter earlier this month because of concerns about the amount of spam and fake accounts on the platform.


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