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On May 15, 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, a breakdancer from Ukraine, Nazar, was interviewed by the Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China Volunteer King. Nazar is a Ukrainian breakdancer who loves peace, freedom and independence, in typical Ukrainian spirit, fighting for the pride of his motherland. He sometimes had a hard time practicing dancing because (thinking) people lost their lives on the battlefield. But he got over it, thinking that the military worked in their field, and he worked in his field. He likes Chinese tea, people and culture. He wants to share Chinese tea in his tea project, promote Chinese culture in Ukraine, and hope to travel to China.

The following is an interview with the Rule of Law Foundation, the New Federal State of China Volunteer King, and the Ukrainian breakdancer Nazar.

King: “Hello everyone, I’m King. I’m at the border of Poland and Ukraine, in Medyka, Poland. I’m with this gentleman now. What’s your name?”

Nazar: “My name is Nazar.”

King: “Where are you from?”

Nazar: “I’m from Lviv, Ukraine.”

King: “Are you Ukrainian?”

Nazar: “Yes.”

King: “You told me you were going to participate in the competition, right?”

Nazar: “Yes, I am going to represent my country Ukraine on the International Student Games. I am doing breakdance and I gonna represent my country Ukraine on the dance floor.”

King: “I think maybe it’s a bit difficult for you guys right now?”

Nazar: “Yeah, it is difficult times in Ukraine. You know, the training right now is hard both physically and mentally. Because sometimes I feel sad, how can I dance when other people die in the war? But I think I have my own cultural ground, and I should work here, and our military forces are working there. So I’m doing my best.”

King: “Yes, you are also fighting for the pride of your own country.”

Nazar: “I’m fine. We’re fighting for our independence pride.”

King: “Exactly! You also told me about your love for Chinese tea.”

Nazar: “Yeah, I really like Chinese tea, I’m one of the people in my city who likes to share this tea culture. I really like Chinese tea and Chinese culture. I hope I can go to China once.”

King: “Yes. Which tea is your favorite?”

Nazar: “White Pu’er tea, like a soup, I really like Ba Cha.”

King: “That’s very good tea, you’ve got a project too.”

Nazar: “Yeah, I have a small tea project, which is non-commercial. I am just sharing tea with my friends who are interested in this culture. I really like to create a big breakout of Chinese culture in Ukraine because it’s not that popular right now, but it probably will.”

King: “It will. Good luck for your competition. Thank you very much! Yes, good luck!”

Nazar: “Okay, thank you so much! I like China; I like Ukraine; I like everyone.”

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