1.Russian forces are seeking to seize the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk at all costs, and Ukraine, fearing the risk of spillover, has called for more heavy weaponry to match against Russian firepower.

2. Twitter agreed to pay $150 million to settle allegations that the platform provided some user data to advertisers, U.S. authorities said today. Twitter had asked users to provide personal information in the name of improving the security of their accounts.

3.The U.N. Security Council decided to vote Thursday night on a resolution to strengthen international sanctions against North Korea to punish Pyongyang for its frequent missile launches, despite the possibility of vetoes from China and Russia.

4. Highly elected Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. warned Thursday (May 26) that he would uphold the international arbitration court’s ruling on the sovereignty dispute in the South China Sea and would not allow communist China to trample on the Philippines’ rights in the South China Sea.

5. China’s Wingtech Group stirred up controversy when it announced its acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab, the UK’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, nearly a year ago. According to a statement from the British Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), London will study the impact of the Chinese group’s acquisition of the Welsh semiconductor company on British national security.


6. On the eve of Blinken’s China policy announcement, Congressional Republicans called for a firm commitment to Taiwan’s defence.

7. On Thursday (May 26, 2022), Japan’s Self-Defence Forces said that several Japanese and U.S. fighter jets performed a joint cruise over the Sea of Japan a day earlier. The move was seen as a response to China and Russia sending strategic bombers on a joint flight over Japan the previous day.

8. This Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi led a 20-member delegation to the Solomon Islands to kick off a tour of eight countries in the South Pacific.

9. Boeing’s Starliner capsule returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Wednesday (25) and successfully landed in New Mexico, paving the way for NASA’s next manned program.

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