On May 26, the Epoch Times reported that Australia’s new Prime Minister Albanese has pledged to provide more economic aid to Pacific Island nations and expand cooperation to counter Communist China’s attempts to expand its influence in the region.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visits Pacific Island countries and seeks security and trade agreements with ten Pacific nations.

Albanese told Sky News, “These agreements, once signed, will threaten Australia’s national security. We need to move forward, not retreat; retreat is what happened under the previous government.”

Albanese said, “We want to take further action to support maritime security in island nations, we want to provide an additional $500 million in assistance to the Pacific region, and we want to work with Pacific Island countries on climate change and promote migration activities in Pacific Island countries, both for temporary and permanent residence.”

Newly appointed Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong will travel to Fiji and neighbouring island nations in hopes of countering moves by the Chinese Communist Party to expand its influence into the region.

Albanese stressed Australia’s need to respond to a “changing environment,” promised his government would work more robustly with its neighbours and slammed the Morrison government for not intervening earlier to block a security deal between the Solomon Islands and Beijing.

“We already know that the communist China is seeking to expand its influence into the region,” Albanese said. The Solomon Islands security deal is the most important focus. From the Chinese communist state’s perspective, this is just the first in a series of deals they want to make.”


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