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My son and I tested positive for COVID at the same time. I decided to stay home and recover with the care of my daughter. for the first week or so I was fine. And all of a sudden I got dead tired, I couldn’t even lift my arm. It was horrible.
I’ve been aware of the early treatment protocols for a long time, and I know many people that have used the treatment successfully. However, I know that various doctors across Canada, the College of Physicians and Surgeons have really clamped down and so these things have been unavailable. Luckily, I had an inside line for the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. And I was able to send an email and that’s how I got talk and touch with Dr. Bernstein.
She is high risk on the basis of her age. She called us because she was symptomatic. I assessed her, and because she is in BC, you can’t prescribe ivermectin there.Ivermectin is banned in British Columbia and Alberta. So the alternatives that we have, there would be Nitazoxanide which was on the FLCCC protocol. I also prescribed her Prednisone, as well as, as an antibiotic that is thought to have some potential benefits in COVID-19. I was nervous about creating them because it wasn’t endorsed by any organization. So I wrote up an informed consent, you know, talking about the potential benefits and potential risks, you know, potential side effects are low, but knowing that it appeared that the risk of harm was exceptionally low. So I didn’t see any reason not to try, you know, therapies such as this with my patients.
He phoned and asked me how I’m doing and what my symptoms are. And we chatted for a while, and then he said, fine, he’ll send me a prescription. Luckily, my daughter arrived just in time and picked up the meds and lots of vitamin C and lots of vitamins. She did a great job of taking care of me.
Those three medications was all that she required. It’s possible she could have recovered, it may have taken many, many weeks. All I know is she got treatment, she got better. And there were no complications with her.
But the awful part was that I didn’t know how sick my son was at the time. He was worse than me. His oxygen was quite low. And he went to the hospital. And then they started plying him with 19 medications as soon as he got there, 19, eight of them were IVs.
My brother requested the hospital protocols from the FLCCC. He gave them the paperwork. The next day I came in and also did the paperwork with a letter to his doctor. There were many treating doctors, he must have had six doctors in the time he was there. So it was also really hard to communicate with anyone because of how quickly the doctors changed over.
They ignored us. They avoided us on purpose. We sent a total of six letters.
My mom wrote a real doozy of a letter just saying, you know, why not at least try. You’re saying that you’ve exhausted all of your options. Why not try this?
It’s really interesting. The CDC protocol for BC actually says one is not to use Vitamin C or D, it’s okay to use Remdesivir.
Despite all of the downsides with Remdesivir. It seems to be a go to product, although it doesn’t seem to have any mortality benefit. Some will end up on a ventilator.Some overseas medications that actually may not be very helpful for patients.They may cause actually more harm.
The other medications they gave him. A lot of them caused trouble breathing, like Ativan and Hydromorphone, the Dilaudid. And some of the medications said do not use with opioids, but they were giving him opioids as well. So on the sixth day, they put him into the ICU when he was still well talking and that they didn’t let her into the room where he was.
And they said it was because of the cytotoxic drugs that they were giving him and I couldn’t go in there, even though the nurses were going in and out all day long. And then suddenly, once he was on a ventilator and in a coma, then I was allowed in the room. The cytotoxic drug had not changed. We tried every step along the way. We tried to get them to just do something else than their traditional protocols, which clearly weren’t working.
They allowed us to visit every day. Once he was in a coma. They came in one day of the 21st day and said, a nurse said to us, well, there’s no hope now. What would you like to do? Would you like to have the ventilator removed, or you want the heart medication stopped? I said, Well, what’s the difference? And she said, Well, if we take the ventilator out, he’ll die immediately. If you choose to stop the blood pressure medication, it’ll take about half an hour. So I said okay, half an hour at least we have time to say goodbye to him properly.
He was six feet three. He was a handsome man, animals and children loved him. It’s a real loss. Now that he’s not here anymore, he would have done some amazing things still.
And now they’re coming down on good doctors who are saving lives.
My office was paid a visit by the regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario as an investigation into my conduct surrounding COVID-19 pandemic. Breaking news appeared in the Toronto Star. I think the purpose is, you know, basically to discredit, you know, the physicians who are providing the, you know, these services for their patients, and it’s troublesome. All I’ve ever been doing is trying to help my patients. That’s it. It’s never been about me, it’s been about the patients. I have no, you know, there’s no conflicts of interest.I have nothing to gain by, you know, prescribing any of these medications. The only thing I have to gain is helping my patients recover their health.
Well, he saved my life, and now he can’t save other people’s lives. That’s the tragedy. They’re stopping him from saving lives. In other words, they’re lying (leaving) (可能是口误)people to die right, left and center.
To the doctors who were responsible for my brother in the hospital, shame on you! Shame on you for betraying your Hippocratic Oath, because that’s what you did. And shame on you for betraying my brother, who was helpless. And he asked for your help. He asked you just to try something totally safe and possibly life saving. And you said no. You wouldn’t even try.
I could see the response with patients. So in terms of, you know, what are the outcomes of all the patients that I personally have treated? All have survived. And no patient that I’ve treated early has ended up in the hospital.
And I would just like to say to Dr. Ira Bernstein, thank you, and bless you, to Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik as well, just thank you, because you saved my mom’s life. She’s made here!

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