Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

As the world’s second largest economy, China is known as the “engine of the world economy”, with a GDP per capita of 80,000 RMB. At the beginning of the New Year in 2021, Xi Jinping declared that “the battle against poverty has been comprehensively won”, creating a “miracle on earth”.

However, due to the internal strife in the Chinese Communist Party, the top-down control and blockade of markets and commodities by local governments on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control, and the approaching real estate crisis, private enterprises are closing down and laying off workers, which has highlighted the livelihood issues directly related to employment, income and social security. The survival crisis is getting closer and closer to each and every one of our Chinese compatriots. This column will collect information on people’s livelihood and unemployment to expose the evil rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

The main elements of the so-called “Keqiang economics” are: no stimulus measures, deleveraging and structural reforms. As the weakest premier in the history of the Chinese Communist Party, what he said at a certain meeting was like the many bubbles of marsh vapor that popped up in the South Central Pit every day, and no one cared too much. Whether or not the economy has been stimulated since then is, I believe, obvious to all.

The Communist Party of China has been making a big deal of infrastructure year after year, just like real estate, until it can no longer afford to pay its debts. Finance definitely needs leverage, and playing with it is mind-blowing. Up to the rooftops and down to hell, that’s the original finance that cuts the leeks. To be honest, the reforms are really strong, just after making education, healthcare and pensions industrialized blood suckers, new economic growth has been found through the epidemic. Vaccinations for toxins, nucleic acid testing and square cabin quarantine galloped through a field of green leeks like a wild horse off the leash. The chickens were flying and people were on tenterhooks.

Even as the war between Russia and Ukraine begins, and Europe and the US sanction Putin and point their swords, consciously or unconsciously, at the Chinese Communist Party behind the scenes, greedy capitalists, all still burying their heads in the sand and making money, are not quite ready to give up the Chinese Communist Party’s slave market altogether. But Xi Jinping’s zero policy stick, which hit the Shanghai people on the head, changed a lot of things and became a turning point. The misery of the Shanghainese has caused the foreigners to flee at the sight.

The grass on the shop fronts, the workers of the big factories who were pulled away when work failed to resume, all happened for real. It was better than Mr Guo’s countless admonitions to foreign investment. Not only Shanghai, but Hangzhou to Ningbo, Kunshan to Nanjing, the proud Yangtze River Delta has fallen en masse. The financial situation is dire, the gap between revenues and expenditures is widening, and we cannot make ends meet. Looking south, the Pearl River Delta is certainly not immune. Looking north, the coastal areas of Qingdao, Dalian and as far as Tianjin are all under epidemic control.

In the countryside, no one is allowed to work in the fields, in the cities, no one is allowed to walk in the streets. Even if one has no knowledge of economics and is not stupid, one does not think that the economy will be able to maintain the status quo, and there is no doubt that the decline will be as bad as it has been.

Mr Guo said that Li Keqiang was just a lifesaver. Yes, he was so dormant and non-existent that he stuck to the bottom of his shoe like chewed gum. After years of being disliked by the top CCP leaders, he suddenly makes frequent appearances to point the way in front of the camera. Xi Jinping is silent, and has messed around to such an unmanageable degree that he really needs a temporary successor. 

It’s not a question of whether the economy is stable or not, but rather that the big picture is spinning so fast that everything but cotton swabs, protective clothing, toxic vaccines, and nucleic acid reagents are being dumped inside. If Keqiang really understands the economy, as long as he can make the big plate stop, put it on the ground or hold it in his hand, as long as it doesn’t turn chaotically to the point where even the big plate flies out at the end, it will be considered a success. Of course Li Zhongtang would never dare to disobey his superiors’ wishes, Xi Jinping is not wrong, the fault lies with the local government.

After the closure of the last company, I have been looking for a job in Shenzhen for almost three months now, and I have been hitting a wall. This afternoon, I went for an interview in the rain, but I’m still upset.

The first cross-border e-commerce company was actually in a residential building in the community, and there were about six or seven people sitting inside. I think the area is a bit small, but it is good to learn about e-commerce. After talking about it, I learned that for social security I can only buy three tiers, and for the Shenzhen account it has to subsidize the first tier, which is 4k salary at all.

After the interview, I rushed to the next interview, sweating and raining all over my body. When I arrived, I found that there was only one boss in the whole company. At the beginning, the boss asked me to give him some ideas, let me plan a plan for him, and asked me what I could do. In the series of operations, I have to do four positions by myself. I really want to run, and he pulls me and says a lot of things that I don’t understand. He said how much he wanted to get this done quickly. I knew that I wasted my time again this afternoon.

I have no idea what job I can find in Shenzhen. I majored in pop music in college. I came out last year to do online promotion for more than half a year, and also operated new media. I recently worked as a vocal music teacher, but I really don’t like teaching. I finally had an interview the day before yesterday that I liked. He asked me to wait for the notice and said that he would also interview others for a comprehensive comparison. My confidence was really slowly worn away. It’s too hard, even boys can shout tired.


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