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Translated by MOS English Team—Mark Wen

It’s reported on May 24 that billionaire George Soros said that Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party leader had made a series of mistakes which could cost him power and further affect his re-election.

“But even if he does, the Politburo may not give him a free hand to select the members of the next Politburo,” Soros said in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The legendary Hungarian-born financier criticized Xi’s “zero policy”, arguing that it had failed completely, pushing Shanghai to “the verge of open rebellion,” according to a speech released by Soros’ office.

People who have been listening to the Whistleblower Movement know that Soros of the Davos Party is a foreign father of the CCP’s overseas financial clique. This time he came out to criticize Xi Jinping, in fact, to support his allies who are power-competing opponents to Xi within the Party. Soros tries to control the CCP and Communist China behind the curtain. He added that Xi Jinping’s insistence on his “zero policy” has created enormous difficulties for Shanghai residents, forcing them into temporary quarantine centers rather than allowing them to be isolated in their homes. This has put Shanghai on the verge of open rebellion.

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