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Translated by MOS English Team – Mark Wen

Following Samsung, South Korea’s SK Group announced on Thursday, May 26 that it will invest about 247 trillion Korean won (about 195.2 billion US dollars) in semiconductor, battery and other related fields in the next five years.

Image Source: nikkei

SK Group announced that it plans to invest 142.2 trillion won in the semiconductor and related raw material industries, and another 179 trillion won in domestic development to revitalize the economy and help create about 50,000 jobs.

Not only that, the group will also spend 67.4 trillion won to develop electric vehicle batteries, hydrogen energy and other renewable energy businesses. Prior to this, SK Group had invested 12.7 million won in biopharmaceuticals and 24.9 trillion won in digital technologies such as 5G networks.

Image Source: yna

SK Group is South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate after Samsung Group, and its affiliates include SK Hynix, the world’s second-largest memory chip maker.


Edited by:  MikeHua
Posted by: Peter Chen

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