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Translated by:  NZ Farm Translation Team – Lisa0527

According to a reports on May 25th, the Communist China has organized ‘multi-services combat readiness’ patrols and combat drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan in response to recent ‘U.S.-Taiwan collusion activities’.

Image Source: imolaoggi

In a statement, Shi Yi, spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Command, slammed President Biden’s comments during his visit to Japan that the U.S. would intervene to protect Taiwan if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attacked Taiwan.  Shi said, “The United States says one thing to Taiwan and does another, and often encourages Taiwan independence forces, which is hypocritical and futile.”

Image Source: anadolu

Miles Guo, founder of the Whistle Blower Movement, mentioned on the May 24th livestream that when President Biden visited Japan on Monday, a reporter asked Biden if the United States would defend Taiwan if it were attacked.  Without hesitation, Biden replied “yes” and went on to say, “this is a promise we made.”  Miles said excitedly, this is the big event that the Taiwanese have been waiting for 70 years, ending the ‘ambiguous’ strategy toward Taiwan once and for all.  No wonder the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now irritated and quick to respond.  It is clear that President Biden’s response has hit a sore spot with the CCP.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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