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Recently, the CCP’s extreme anti-epidemic measures have been gradually upgraded, and the authorities have required all residents to undergo nucleic acid testing. A funeral home in Shenzhen issued a requirement that the city’s mourners must provide the nucleic acid test certificate of the deceased, which was ridiculed.

Shenzhen Funeral Home is the only institution in the city that is responsible for the transportation, storage, ash storage, and other funeral services.

On May 25, the “Smart Funeral” page of the Shenzhen APP displayed a warm reminder: “During the epidemic, for the deceased in the quarantine control and prevention area, in addition to the Death Certificate or Receipt of Remains, proof of nucleic acid testing of the deceased is required by the mourners according to the nucleic acid testing requirements of the area.” Then a staff member confirmed the news.

Some netizens ridiculed, “You can’t die without nucleic acid? If you don’t have a nucleic acid report, will you have to be quarantined in the underworld? Should you be persuaded to return if you don’t have a negative report in the underworld?”

The photo shows residents of Shenzhen lining up to be sampled for nucleic acid testing of the CCP virus

“If you want to die the day after tomorrow, you must do nucleic acid today. It can’t be too early. Before you die, you must do nucleic acid every day. This is the last procedure before the deceased dies. After the nucleic acid is done, it will be cremated for you.”

The absurd policies of the CCP have emerged one after another in the prevention and control of the epidemic. In some areas, epidemic prevention personnel have even been sent to the grasslands and deserts to conduct nucleic acid testing. What’s more, epidemic prevention personnel were sent into the restaurant to sample the tables and stools in the store. There is also a video showing that epidemic prevention personnel entered the farmer’s home and sampled poultry animals such as chickens, ducks, and geese.

For propaganda, a song called “Zuo Suan Suan” (Nucleic Acid Testing) has appeared in student textbooks, or was recorded and sung by children and played online to promote the importance of nucleic acid testing.

Some economists explained the mystery in one sentence: the expenses for nucleic acid testing flowed out of the national treasury and entered the pockets of CCP elites. The cost of nucleic acid testing borne by the CCP government was taken away by the company that used it for genetic testing, and behind the genetic testing agency are the white gloves of the CCP’s powerful elite.

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死者也要核酸检测证明 深圳殡葬新规引争议

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