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Translated by:  OX Translation Team – Stone

According to a report by the Ukrainian Information Daily on May 26th, Serhiy Dvornik, adviser to the Ukrainian mission to the United Nations, accused the Security Council on Wednesday that Russia had abducted 230,000 Ukrainian children from the occupied territories into Russian territory.

Image Source: ukrinform

Dvornik made the statement during a Security Council open debate on protecting civilians in conflict. “Russia forcibly abducted and deported 1.4 million Ukrainian citizens from the occupied territories, including 230,000 Ukrainian children, to Russia,” Dvornik alleges.  This Nazi-style military strategy aimed at destroying Ukraine’s future by depriving Ukraine of its younger generation is a classic crime of colonialism.”

During Russia’s war of aggression, millions of Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave their homes. As a result, there are 8 million internally displaced persons and 6.5 million international refugees. “We have no doubt that in Russia’s military strategy, the refugee crisis is purposefully created,” Dvornik said.

Image Source: UN news

The diplomat also made accusations of other Nazi-style behavior by the Russian invaders.  The alleged acts include murder, torture, illegal detention, forced deportation, deprivation of property rights, attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, and confiscation of food from local farmers.


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