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On May 22, Polish President Andrzej Duda visited Kyiv and called for a complete removal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Mr. Duda was the first foreign leader to address Ukraine’s parliament in person since the Russia’s invasion. He called on the EU to tighten sanctions against Russia and accept Ukraine as the EU’s newest member.

Mr. Duda said that Poland supports all decisions made by Ukraine in its own interests. To sacrifice even a centimeter of Ukraine’s land and sovereignty for economic interests or political ambitions would be a huge blow not only to Ukraine, but to all democratic countries. He added that the June 24 decision of the European Council on Ukraine’s candidacy was extremely important, and he believed the EU will make the same statement.

An official in Duda’s office said Poland and Ukraine are interested in reaching an agreement similar to the 1963 Elysee Treaty, in which France and West Germany agreed to regularly coordinate major policy decisions and which became an important basis for closer European integration.

Duda and Zelenskyy are discussing ways to get Ukrainian grain out through Poland’s ports and railroads, and to send more fuel to Ukraine, as well as increase arms supplies.

It’s reported that Poland hosts the largest number of Ukrainian refugees and it is a major supporter of Kyiv within the EU.

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