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Translated by: OX Translation Team – Mike Hua

The National Medical Insurance Administration of Communist China recently sent documents to all parts of the country, expressly prohibiting medical insurance funds from paying for nucleic acid testing for large-scale populations and requiring relevant regions to rectify the situation.

Image Source: wallstreet journal

 According to an insider in the medical insurance industry of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), recently, some municipal medical insurance bureaus in the southern parts of China have asked their higher-level National Health Insurance Administration to allow medical insurance funds to pay for nucleic acid testing for large-scale populations.  The National Medical Insurance Administration office responded that the relevant practices did not comply with the current regulations, requested relevant local units to rectify them immediately, and copied the letter’s contents to the medical insurance departments of 31 provinces and urban areas of China.

Image Source: nytimes

The relevant provisions mentioned that the costs of “required tests” shall be borne by local governments, and the costs of “tests based on willingness to conduct due diligence” shall be paid by enterprises, institutions, or individuals.  The people mentioned above in the medical insurance industry said that local medical insurance departments do not have the power to expand the scope of medical insurance funds.  When they asked the higher-level departments for advice, the higher-level departments also made it clear that the National Medical Insurance Administration must authorize the medical insurance application coverage expansion.


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