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Greetings, my noble fellow fighters. Today is May 25th. It is May 25th today, brothers and sisters.

It’s just…As you can see, big things have happened since the weekend, including Monday and Tuesday this week and last weekend.

Since yesterday, as you may have seen, the entire Hong Kong stock market has been manipulated; they just used computers to tamper with the data. People in mainland China were threatened not to sell their stocks, and anyone who owns stocks of the companies listed in the US has been forbidden to sell the Chinese concept shares.

How terrible it is, brothers and sisters? This is scary.

Not only are you not allowed to sell your own shares in China, nor are you allowed to sell in Hong Kong or in the US. All you can do is wait for the collapse! And the US SEC will surely delist all the “CCP-related” stocks.

You are well aware that those stocks worth billions, tens, or hundreds of billions will soon go to zero, but you are not allowed to sell them. Only the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could do such a thing; even North Korea would not do it, I believe.

Then we take a look at the situation of food. Even in countries like Greece and Spain, where the agricultural harvest has always been good, there are people who are stocking up on large amounts of food.

During the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia stopped looting weapons and taking control of territory — they started to loot the grain. There is grain in some [Russian] occupied Ukrainian ports, millions of tons of grain. The Russian army started to seize the grain, and nobody would dare drop a bomb to blow it up or set fire to it. They just want to loot the grain and sell it on the open sea at a high price. 

So can you see how bad the food catastrophe has been?

The world is facing the CCP’s financial crisis, the stock market crisis, and the financial crisis in Hong Kong. And then comes the food catastrophe between Russia and Ukraine — The war is no longer about killing and destroying enemy tanks; it is now about food. There is no more fighting over territory but over food. What is going to happen to the food supply in the future?

In addition, look at the real estate market in the US right now. You can go online and look up the two most bullish companies in the US: one is Sotheby’s, and the other is Zillow. Look up how much the local real estate prices have increased. How crazy this is!

Then take a look at the gasoline prices in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US. How much has the gasoline price gone up? And it keeps going up.

And then look at a few very wealthy so-called bigwigs and tycoons in the US; see how much of their assets in the stock market have shrunk.

You can also take a look at some big names in France and the UK and see what they are stocking. They are stocking up on cookies! Can you eat money when hungry? When you are hungry [when the food crisis comes], do you think you can buy anything you want with money?

In many US states, supermarkets have run out of food with empty shelves, and you are not able to buy milk in many places. Do you expect an infinite milk supply?

The whole world has become like this, let alone in CCP China. Some people in Beijing say, “Well, I am okay; as soon as I place an order on my phone, I can have it; there is plenty [in the shop] for me to pick.” You will see; let’s find out!

Let us review what happened in 1953. There was still enough, or even a surplus of food in 1952. After 1953, the CCP started “The Great Leap Forward” campaign. And the following 1954, 1955, 1956, 1956, and 1957…Eventually, it developed into a situation where people could only eat bark and grass.

At that time, the CCP’s propaganda said, “Next year there is going to be a good harvest; this fall there is going to be a bumper crop,” then year after year… According to official reports, 50 million people died of starvation, and the actual number of deaths was more than 100 million.

There was a cannibalism situation. Men’s anuses prolapsed, and testicles shrank. Women’s uteruses prolapsed … in that condition, they were not sexy anymore — for the breasts shriveled up; many became infertile. Some people even exchanged their children and ate them, called “swap the child to eat.”

These stories did not come from me. You can go online and look up the white papers about the history of the CCP, okay? They are all public information.

When in that situation, think about it, even if you have money, what can you buy?

If you had money, you would be guilty of the “sin of possessing money.” If you had food, you would be guilty of the “sin of hiding food.” If you stored extra food, you would be guilty of the “sin of treason.”

So are you still thinking you can buy food and have the “delivery boy” provide services?

Some sons of bitches of the CCP’s officials always like to bully the delivery boys. Do you have any idea how hardworking those delivery boys are? In China, teachers, doctors, and cab drivers are the hardest working people, as well as the street sweepers.

But what has the society in CCP China become? It has become the most ignorant, folly, and reckless community of humanity — exclusively oppressing the weakest and those from the lowest castes.

In CCP China, waiters, cab drivers, teachers, doctors, and deliverymen are targets under heavy oppression [by the CCP]. — Can such a society be saved, right? You’ll see — when there is a severe food shortage and when “men eat men,” you will know what’s going on.

Besides, you may have noticed a more frightening problem these days, which is beyond many people’s imagination. That is the water! 

Not only are the water resources scarce in Africa, but clean water resources are becoming more and more scarce in many places in CCP China. If you go to Gansu Province, Dunhuang, you will learn that a year-round water shortage has lasted for years.

Shanxi province has a chronic lack of water due to coal mines. The water resources in Henan province are becoming scarce, as well as in Shandong province. It is getting harder to get underground water. There are not always enough water resources; much of the water has been heavily contaminated.

The worst thing is — right now, if you get sick, you cannot go to the hospital, or you go to the hospital only to find out that you don’t have enough money because the money you deposited in the bank is gone.

Many banks have been caught in corruption scandals. Banks in Henan province alone misappropriated hundreds of millions, billions, or even tens of billions of the savings…In the end, at most several heads of the banks will be arrested or sentenced to death as a result. It must end like that, and whoever takes the lead to make trouble will be thrown into prison. This is the CCP!

Want to go to the hospital to see a doctor? Come on. You are not allowed to go when you are sick due to the quarantine rules demanded by the “Zero-Covid” policy.

Even if you find a way to get to the hospital, you may find that the money on your account is gone. For those who have money on their accounts, you may find the medical care is too expensive for you to afford.

Eventually, you may die, depart this life. However, you still cannot afford to buy a grave or pay the cost of cremation. This is CCP China!

The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) have kept telling you from 2017 until now that there is only one country in the world where people cannot afford to have children, go to school, or get a job after graduation. They cannot afford to purchase a house even if they have a job, cannot afford to get married and have children, cannot pay for the health care, support their lives when getting old, afford the cost of a funeral, or buy a place to bury themselves.

Generations after generations…Is there any hope for them?

Now the whole world is going to be at stake. The coronavirus was caused by the CCP, and the vaccine was invented by the CCP. You are asked to get vaccinated. Not only that, you also have to pay for it. Not only do you have to pay, you must also get three shots. If something happens to you after getting vaccinated, it must be your own problem. Or they will tell you that’s a normal reaction because your parents didn’t give you a strong enough body to withstand the vaccine.

Any other disaster would be negligible when compared to the vaccine disaster.

[🎵Singing] “If you don’t buy it, just look over here at me…” Whoops, I don’t want to bring in the wolves. [🎵Singing] “If you are capable, do not be forced to take a nucleic acid test…”

Wow, see, I can better enjoy life in “Imperial America,” listening to the birds chirping and smelling the fragrance of the flowers.

I am going to a court hearing today. I only need to be there and do not have to say anything.

The doctor did not want me to go. But I said, “No, I must go.” I will show my absolute respect for the court and my absolute serious attitude towards the lawsuit. Both the judge and the lawyer said I did not need to come. But I will go.

This is Brother-7; I am always serious and respectful of everything. If you lack absolute reverence and loyalty to anything, you will not be able to get a good result.

Even if you take a poop or fart, farting should be serious, and taking a poop should be done seriously. Do it thoroughly. Don’t pull your pants up but find it ends too early before you’re done, right? Otherwise, pooping or peeing halfway will leave you with a poor feeling, doesn’t it?

Some people are not serious about what they are doing. They say they want to take down the CCP, but they give up halfway, right? While the cause of destroying the CCP is still underway, they go after wealth. 

If you only think about getting rich, how can you take down the CCP? Whether you are fighting the enemy in the court or life, you should persist to the end. Just like eating, you need to get sufficient food, eat well, and enjoy the food.

You can only receive the grace of God if you have the nerve to face all the challenges in your life seriously. Meanwhile, you should have reverence for everything, be loyal, and be persistent in what you are seeking.

That’s it for today; I will not do a live broadcast tomorrow. Tomorrow An Hong (a fellow fighter) will use my GETTR channel to live broadcast the semi-finals of the poetry reading competition. I hope you will actively participate.

Kiss you all!