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Hello, brothers and sisters. This morning we… oops, the car seat has to be heated, I forgot. I don’t feel at ease if it is not heated underneath, and I must find the feeling of the “Kang” (heated brick bed) in northeast China. How important is the environment you grow up in!

I went to court this morning to withdraw my petition for personal bankruptcy. There is no decision today, and it will take about fifteen days. 

Today, Ma Rui’s (who framed Guo Wengui for raping her) lawyer said in court… My lawyer first said that Mr. Guo was framed, such as in the case of Steve Wynn (casino mogul, sued by the US Justice Department for not registering as a foreign agent of China), etc. Then, Ma Rui’s lawyer went up and said, “Why did Guo Wengui not want to return to China? Because he had kidnapped people, raped people, involved in gang-related cases…”

Wow, screw you, Wu Zheng (Bruno Wu, Chinese American businessman and a registered CCP Spy) and the eight generations of his ancestors. I kidnap someone? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been persecuting me for several years and didn’t charge me with kidnapping, and Wu made such an allegation now. 

From the first day, just from the end of 2014 to the end of 2015, there were rumors on the Internet about me kidnapping somebody. This was set up by those bastards like Wu Zheng, Sun Lijun (former public security vice-minister), Fu Zhenghua (former Justice Minister), Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the CCP), and Wang Qishan (vice president of China). 

Now in court, Wu Zheng still sent them messages and exploited the fake kidnapping and gang-related cases, claiming that the reason why I didn’t want to go back to China was because I was afraid of this. 

But then the lawyer said if Guo Wengui indeed had been involved in kidnapping and gang-related cases, he wouldn’t need Mr. Donald Trump (former President of the US) nor Xi Jinping (President of China) to try him. Right? 

How low are these sons of bitches! It shows even more that you are political, there is no law at all, and it is completely a political case. 

In addition, they further asked for 20 million in financial compensation. The judge said, “no matter what the case is, whether he is allowed to apply for personal bankruptcy or not, what does it have to do with your rape case?”

The Federal Court in the US made it very clear that any personal injury case or criminal case is not within the bankruptcy court’s jurisdiction – it’s not allowed to touch it! Besides, the case [Ma Rui v Guo Wengui] has lasted five years now, and it may take another four or five years if it continues… — Probably, this is what [the judge] meant; I am not completely sure if I understood correctly. 

So these scumbags are so cheap; they just want to get some money from the CCP. Wu Zheng used this case as an excuse to swindle money out of the CCP, and then the CCP was deceived. That is too low!

Again, I really think that, in that courtroom, when I looked at those people: the judge was so graceful and professional, every word she said was so precise, and her posture… And whether it is the other party’s lawyers or our lawyers, they are all very professional, including lawyers of the PAX case, except for Wu Zheng’s lawyers. 

Bruno Wu and his bunch are rubbish! The other people are all very professional in court. They are very serious, responsible, and attentive; they are solemn in the courtroom and accountable for every word they say. 

Wu Zheng’s lawyer said so, and he was done. What he said in court would be tried every day in the future. 

So how important it is for a country to have justice! No matter what judgment the court makes, you have to respect it because this is a place where everyone believes that they can argue things out. If you don’t accept the decision, you can appeal, right? 

The world’s most sensational case between Johnny Depp and his wife, the star who played the pirate, right? You see, Depp lost the case in the UK, but he said he wouldn’t let it go at that. Then after the case [in the UK] was finished, he found a new team of lawyers, collected evidence, and started a lawsuit again in Virginia. 

There are billions of clicks around the world now speaking up for Johnny Depp. Of course, there is no result yet. He has not given up; there is still a chance. 

It’s not like in the CCP China; they will just arrest you, right? No matter whether you are high up to be the president of the country or down to be a Lao-Bai-Xing (common people), if they say that you are a rapist, you are a gangster, you are a kidnapper, you are a racketeer… 

To hell with you, they will arrest you directly, execute you by shooting, and will never let you have a chance to voice out! Whatever they say you are guilty of is what you are guilty of. 

Now even a Big White quarantine worker can arrest people in the lockdown cities. He can claim that you have violated the country’s epidemic prevention regulations, that you are guilty of subverting the country, and you will be arrested. What a bastard society it is! 

A society without laws, trials, and supervision is even more terrible than a society of animal slaves. Nobody feels safe in such a place. 

In America, if you kill a chicken and eat the chicken, it’s no different from killing a human; it’s a big deal. If you kill a deer, and there are deer everywhere, you can try to kill one, right? Animals and human beings are equal. 

So many Chinese Lao-Bai-Xing, including more than 20 million in Shanghai, have been quarantined under the Zero-Covid policy, and they must do whatever they are asked, right? Same in Changchun, Beijing… Lao-Bai-Xing must do whatever they are asked. 

The money in the banks was stolen. However, Lao-Bai-Xing were arrested when they voiced their objections; Lao-Bai-Xing became criminals. 

This is an upside-down land with no fairness and justice; bad money drives out good money, no media supervision, and no place to voice — Even a beast world is better than such a society! 

I am really grateful for the great United States; it’s not perfect, but it’s the best in the world, and may it be strong forever.

Kiss you all! Get ready to celebrate the 4th of June (the second anniversary of the New Federal State of China).