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On May 24, 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, a Russian girl came to ask our fellow fighters for vests. The Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China’s volunteers Wenke and Nicole interviewed the Russian girl. She said that destroying the CCP also represents the Russians’ voice, and she hopes China will have freedom.

The following is an interview between Nicole, Wenke and the Russian girl.

Russian girl: “I love these vests so much. I saw you guys a month ago and I was shy to come and talk to you. I like the vest and this evil part.”

Wenke: “Yes, the evil Chinese Communist Party.”

Nicole: “Why do you like our vests?”

Russian girl: “I think it’s great that you guys came to Poland to volunteer for Ukrainians and speak up for your own country and political issues. It’s a lot like the Russian dictators suppressing their Citizens. The problems your government has created may be a bit similar to the problems we have in Russia. I think we can shake hands for common problems.”

Everyone: “Let China be free! Let China be free!”

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