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Translated by: Tokyo Sakura Group – Garrettw

In today’s world, the autocracy and dark forces let the viral vaccines run rampant and murder for money, causing people to lose trust in the world ruled by a few elites with extreme individualism. To survive, human beings are prompted to establish a non-governmental financial and monetary system and solve the crisis of energy resources.

The advent of the blockchain technology made digitalization of currency a reality. The Himalaya Exchange which is non-governmental controlled has issued the currency of HCN successfully and launched Hpay and personal account registration through strict KYC audit procedures, which has drawn attention of the world. HCN has become the world’s first currency directly linked with gold and U.S. dollar. Hcoin withstood the ordeal of the recent financial turmoil caused by digital currencies, and its stability and uniqueness stood out among the digital currencies.

Traditional oil and coal energy sources lead to air pollution and climate deterioration, posing challenges to human survival. After the World War II, the scramble for oil resources become the root cause of war. Abandoning oil as an energy source could eradicate the scourge of global war. The latest technology published in the U.S., solar energy 24 hours efficient power generation exceeds the traditional energy turbine power generation, opening a new gate to the era of clean energy.

After the CCP virus vaccine disaster is over, governments, Wall Street, banks, and financial oligarchies would lose their faith. The new world and “people-oriented” civilization will start soon, and the technological innovations will promote the arrival of the era of “No emperor but masters.”


Proofread/Edited by: Angelina Lee
Chief Editor: Angelina Lee
Posted by: Moli C.

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