1. U.S. President Biden supports Japan becoming permanent member of the U.N. Security Council.

2. The U.S., Japan, India and Australia are the equivalent of a second United Nations, constraining Europe.

3. US, Japan, India and Australia equal NATO of Asia, putting a barbed necklace on the Chinese Communist Party.

4. NATO, Asia NATO and the United States into a global three-poles, the United Nations will be completely changed.

5. Dictatorships are bound to be isolated and destroyed.

6. The U.S. could destroy the CCP military force with only the troops in training (don’t need experienced troops)

7. The U.S. has authorized U.S. military bases in Japan to conduct military strikes against North Korea and the Chinese Communist Party.

8. The U.S. has already deployed enough drones and fighter jets over North Korea.

9. Taiwan will definitely resist invasion and many heroes will appear.

10. Taiwan’s traitors will not be changed by U.S. attitude toward Taiwan.

11. Biden: Yes! unconditional military protection for Taiwan, and says it’s a U.S. commitment.

12. The likelihood of the CCP immediately smashing Taiwan is greatly reduced.

13. Japan will be the first to come out to protect Taiwan before the U.S.

14. The CCP changes its attitude, besiege Taiwan without attacking it.

15. The greatest threat to Taiwan is the traitors of Taiwan.

16. Taiwan’s biggest threat:
a.COVID vaccine.
b.The traitors of Taiwan.
c.The Chinese Communist Party invasion.

17. Taiwan’s traitor spread rumors: the United States protects Taiwan in order to sell weapons

18. The West’s block of the CCP has turned into a siege.

19. Taiwan will soon join the IPEF.

20. Joining the IPEF is the Promise of action to destroy the CCP.

21. Bangladesh wants to be the first country to add sovereignty to the H-coin as their fiat currency for 10 years tax free.

22. Lying-flat Coins have no owner, no US, Canada and Japan restrictions.

23. Lying-flat Coins are planned to be issued for 25 trillion. The Himalaya Global alliance will buy trillions and give hundreds of millions of coins to each Himalaya farm for free, and each Himalaya farm will hold and distribute.

24.Lying-flat Coins may be 0 value for six months to a year, after that it may exceed H-coin.

25. The UN one-vote veto: the establishment of emergency mechanisms in special circumstances is a U.S. veto decision.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy