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On May 24th, the Japanese defense minister said that during the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) in Tokyo, Chinese and Russian military aircraft flew very close to Japanese airspace, which was probably a provocation.

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According to ”Deutsche Welle”, Nobuo Kishi said that, a Russian reconnaissance aircraft flew from around Hokkaido to the direction of the Noto Peninsula in the north-central part of Honshu Island on Tuesday. The move was very “provocative” because the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) was being held in Tokyo. He said that he had expressed “deep concerns about the security of my country and the region” through diplomatic channels.

He also stated that ”While the international community protests against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, such actions carried out by China along with the Russian invaders have attracted our highest attention. We simply cannot ignore this.” In addition, the South Korean military also claimed that the country dispatched its aircraft after four Communist China military aircraft and four Russian military aircraft entered South Korea’s Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ). South Korea said that it had not received any prior information, yet claimed that the foreign military aircraft did not violate its airspace. A senior U.S. government official commented, stating “We believe that this shows that Communist China is willing to continue to work closely with Russia, including military cooperation.” He said that “activities like this must be carefully planned in advance.”

He also said, “Communist China is not estranging itself from Russia. On the contrary, this military exercise shows that while Russia is fighting in the west, the Communist China is ready to assist Russia in its defense in the east.” He also added that Russia will stand with Communist China in territorial sovereignty disputes between Communist China and its neighbors in the East and South China Seas. In February this year, Russia and Communist China declared an “unlimited” strategic partnership, and after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Communist China has so far failed to condemn Moscow’s actions.

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