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Translated by: Himalaya Formosa Taiwan -Moli C.

On the Miles Grand Live broadcast on May 24, Miles Guo elaborated on the subject of “the three-must-conditions for terminating the CCP”, also known as, the “Three-Doors” to be opened to take down the CCP. Only after all three conditions are met, can the mission of “taking down the CCP” propelled by the Whistleblower Movement be accomplished.

These conditions can be divided into 3 aspects: the environment inside the Communist China, the overseas situation, and the CCP’s internal struggle. These are all indispensable conditions to take down the CCP. Therefore, the New Federal State of China has sought from all various angles to take down the CCP, such as: to destroy the CCP with legal means, with financial power, with exposing the CCP’s honey trap tactics, with music, and truth, because we adhere to the motto “Only truth prevails.”

Also, we are taking down the CCP by spreading the truth about the CCP virus, and the truth about the insidious COVID vaccines. All these conditions are to be bundled together to awaken people from mainland China, from overseas, and within the CCP’s internal system, so that all people will be able to recognize the evil nature of the CCP system.

The Russia-Ukraine war and President Biden’s trip to Asia all demonstrate that finally the United States, Europe, and Japan have clearly wakened up and are on board with taking down the CCP.


Proofread/Edited by: RD R.
Chief Editor: Angelina Lee
Posted by: Moli C.