May 26th. 2022

Captured troops claim that injured comrades were shot dead by commanding officers ( Image: REUTERS)

It is alleged by captured soldiers that Russian commanders are slaughtering their own wounded soldiers rather than retrieving them from the battlefield for medical treatment.

They are shown speaking in a video clip, as Ukraine has accused Russia of failing to take back its dead.

One soldier told how commanders had “finished off their wounded”. “Just like that… a wounded soldier is lying on the ground, and a battalion’s commander shoots him dead from a gun.”

“It was a young man, he was wounded.”

“He was on the ground. He was asked if he could walk, so he was shot dead with a gun.”

A second soldier said on the video: “The most important thing – this wasn’t a single case.”

“The Lieutenant-Colonel was walking around….”

A third soldier then says: “He shot four or five like this.”

The second soldier says: “They were all young men.”

The third added: “They could have been rescued, given help, taken out of there. He simply shot them dead.”

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