May 26th. 2022

Reports are coming out of China that travelers are being forced to stay in the country and that China is preventing individuals from leaving the country. Image: thegatewaypundit

The CCP said it would “strictly restrict” Chinese citizens’ unnecessary travel outside the country, as the country expands its stringent anti-epidemic measures under the zero-Covid policy, according to a report from thegatewaypundit.

In a statement on Thursday, the National Immigration Administration announced it would restrict citizens from traveling abroad for “non-essential” reasons in the name of Covid control, days after photos and video clips emerged sporadically on social media, showing “individuals attempting to exit the country were prevented from doing so, with some of these people having their passports cut by border officers in China”. The authority also said that it would strictly control the approval and issuance of entry and exit documents, such as passports.

The country’s economy has slid deeper into recession following months of lockdowns across the country, prompting foreign investors to flee China for fear of further political risks. The CCP seems to shut the door quietly on any attempt to leave the country in response to a massive wave of capital flight.

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