May 26th. 2022

Leaders of the G7 have declared the deadly actions of Vladimir Putin on the invasion of Ukraine “bring shame on Russia” as it announced a fresh round of sanctions on Moscow. Picture: Henry Nicholls-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Russia celebrated Victory Day on 9th – an important national holiday commemorating the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII. It would declare war and send in further troops into the decimated country as its plan has appeared to fail 75 days into the invasion.

On May 8th, the G7 firstly commemorated the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe during a video conference with leaders of the alliance, joined by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“His actions bring shame on Russia and the historic sacrifices of its people,” the G7 statement said.

The G7 stressed it would continue to support President Zelensky on top of its USD$24 billion in “financial and material means” through “closing financing gaps and delivering basic services” to millions of affected Ukrainians.

Leaders declared it will reduce its reliance on Russia for energy by phasing out and banning the import of Russian oil. And sanctions include acting on Russian banks and oligarchs and their family members who support President Putin’s war.

President Zelensky stated Kyiv wants a “full withdrawal” of Russian and to “ensure its ability to protect itself in the future.”

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