May 26th. 2022

Image: brownstone

The two-month-long lockdown of Shanghai has reached crisis proportions as the CCP reiterates the “Zero-Covid” policy and further tightens its anti-epidemic measures.  

Since the very beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan, the CCP has given credit to its hard line on Covid cases for an abnormally low death toll, but this self-purported achievement came at a visible price: the international press was flooded with horrific stories of toddlers – even newborn babies – being forced into isolation from parents, medical facilities overwhelmed by asymptomatic cases while those seeking medical assistance were confined to apartment complexes, residents venting frustration by shouting, howling, and sobbing from their balconies or even jumping from windows to death out of desperation and starvation in Shanghai, the most vibrant and affluent metropolis in China.

Despite mounting evidence that the new Omicron variant, the one raging through Shanghai, proved to be much less deadly, the CCP remains steadfast in pursuing the Zero-Covid policy. The regime has long claimed that considerations of human life override all other concerns while, the polar opposite is true: the harsh crackdown on Covid has turned the financial and manufacturing hub of Shanghai into an epicenter of humanitarian disasters, with no end in sight.

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