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Translated by: OX Translation Team – MaiTian

It is reported that after a theatre building in Mariupol, which served as a shelter, was attacked by Russia’s airstrike killing nearly 600 Ukrainians, another 200 bodies were found under the rubble in Mariupol basement, Ukrainian authorities said.  

Image Source: nypost

The bodies were decomposing and the stench hung over the neighborhood, said Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor. The authorities said at least 21,000 people were killed in the siege. They accused Russia of trying to cover up the terror by bringing in mobile cremation equipment and by burying the dead in mass graves. An insider spoke anonymously that the mobile cremation equipment comes from Communist China.  

Image Source: nypost

Russia’s massacre of Ukraine has been raging for three months. Russia is subject to nearly 2000 different targeted sanctions applied by countries around the world but it’s never enough as Russia’s brutality is much worse than that of Nazi during World War II. Dictatorship countries like Russia are more immoral than terrorism that Russia should be recognized and treated as terrorist.

As we all know that, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is behind this Russia-Ukraine war. CCP has offered all the supports for the Russia invasion of Ukraine. The wealth of the nation contributed by 1.4 billion Chinese people is being exploited, funding almost all the dictatorial governments and terrorist groups in the world. The CCP is the cause of turmoil in this world, very much like Satan, deluding, encouraging and supporting the forces of evil globally to destroy humanity. We will find hope again only when the CCP is eliminated entirely from this world.

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