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The President of the World Health Assembly, Djibouti’s Minister of Health Abdullah, issued a statement on Monday (23) saying that the proposal made by 13 member states to “invite Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly as an observer” was not accepted. This means that Taiwan was excluded from participating in the World Health Assembly for the sixth consecutive year. In a press release, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its deep regret and dissatisfaction that the CCP authorities have repeatedly used politics to override the public interest in global health and safety, to the detriment of the health and human rights of the people of Taiwan, and spurned the bullying behavior of the CCP and its lies to mislead the international community. 

According to Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the CCP Foreign Ministry, the decision of the World Health Assembly shows that the “One China Principle” is the popular will of the international community and that there is no way out for the Taiwan authorities to try to “seek independence through the epidemic.” It is reported that the 75th World Health Assembly was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 23rd. 

In a physical manner, earlier, 13 Taiwan friendly countries launched a proposal to “invite Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly as an observer,” which received the public support of 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, and other countries. It is a rarity to see such strong support for one side in an incident like this. 

Unfortunately, the proposal was not accepted in the end, after being rejected in the debate. As the United States hardens its stance on the Taiwan Strait issue, the CCP seems to be accelerating its efforts to find new strategic positions in the Pacific islands.


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