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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet arrived in Guangzhou on May 23rd and has begun a six-day visit to Communist China, including Xinjiang. The High Commissioner will also meet with CCP’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Amnesty International issued a statement on the same day, calling Bachelet’s “belated visit” to Xinjiang a key opportunity to address human rights violations in the region. The United Nations is called upon to take action to avoid being used by the CCP as a propaganda tool and becoming a complicit. 

Meanwhile, foreign media suddenly released a file, which was stolen earlier by hackers from the Xinjiang police’s computer archives. The file was investigated and verified by agencies from multiple countries and revealed at least 2,884 mugshots of imprisoned Uyghurs taken from January to July in 2018. The youngest of them is a 15-year-old girl. Many of the photos showed that detainees were watched by guards armed with batons. 

In addition, the documents include guidelines specified for the police stationed at the camps. One of which states that “If the cadets do not heed the advice of the police with guns, the police may fire warning shots. If the cadets do not heed the advice and continue to worsen the situation, escape or attempt to seize the guns, the police may shoot them.”

The documents also include confidential conversations between senior officials, internal police guidelines, details of the detention of more than 20,000 Uyghurs, and photos of highly sensitive locations. The evidence suggests that the “re-education camps,” as the CCP calls them, are essentially a “hell on earth” designed to quote and quote, “help” people in Xinjiang get rid of extremism. 

However, the CCP still seems to respond with their notorious strategy of talking nonsense. As the CCP embassy in the U.S. said in response to the report, “In the face of the serious and complicated anti-terrorism situation, the Xinjiang regional government has taken a series of decisive and vigorous measures to strike hard against extremism. As a result, there have been no cases of terrorism in Xinjiang for several consecutive years, and the local people are leading a safe, happy and fulfilling life.”

In addition to Xinjiang, the CCP has staunchly blocked Taiwan’s attempts to join the international community in every possible way.


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