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Picture Source: Fox News

On May 23, local time, US President Joe Biden interacted closely with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo, stinging the Chinese Communist Party on a series of issues, making Beijing feel like sitting on a bed of needles.

President Biden officially launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) in Japan on May 23 to expand U.S. economic engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. The list consisting of 13 founding countries is revealed, which Communist China is excluded. The IPEF’s push to improve supply chain resilience is an attempt to squeeze the CCP out of the supply chain.

Biden and Kishida said in a joint statement, as the increasing nuclear capabilities of the Communist China, a commitment is required from the CCP in order to reduce nuclear risks, enhance transparency and implement nuclear disarmament. Kishida promised to break Japan’s longstanding taboo on increasing defense spending and strengthen its defense capabilities to counter the CCP’s threat.

On May 23rd, Biden warned the CCP if they attack Taiwan, the US would intervene militarily. Biden said that the US’s Policy toward Taiwan has not changed, the CCP will pay a price for their vain attempt to invade Taiwan. Biden also said the Russo-Ukrainian War is setting a precedent, stressing that the US will sanction Russia for a long time. Biden and Kishida repeatedly targeted the CCP in the joint statement, pointing out the CCP’s military expansion, human rights violations, problems in the South China Sea, and the Taiwan Strait. The joint statement emphasized its firm commitment to the rule of law.

During his meeting with Kishida Fumio, Biden also supported Japan’s becoming a permanent member of the “reformed” UN Security Council. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States, Japan and other Western countries questioned Russia’s veto power in the Security Council. The Japanese government then repeatedly mentioned promoting United Nations reforms, including making Japan a permanent member of the Security Council.

Reports point out the new version of the UN Security Council will add another country in the Indo-Pacific region that is capable to counterbalance the Chinese Communist Party’s influence.


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