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According to a report by CBC on May 21, business leaders in Canada’s northern Inuvialuit region said on the same day that Canada must establish a more stable and sustained military force in the Arctic to protect the country’s national sovereignty in the Arctic region.

In an interview with CBC, the leader claimed that the Inuvialuit region is the “front line” of Canadian sovereignty and a “back door into Canada.”  In recent years, there has been an increasing number of expedition ships from other countries in the region.  To this end, he has repeatedly warned Prime Minister Trudeau, hoping to attract the attention of the authorities.  At the same time, it is suggested that military bases should be established as soon as possible to deal with possible threats.

Currently, Russia and China have built their northern military bases in the Arctic and deployed development equipment such as icebreakers.  The Canadian government said it would strengthen the region’s military infrastructure and change the traditional defense model, and through its North American Aerospace Defense Command  to add new patrol ships to ensure the country’s sovereignty in the Arctic region.

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