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According to the Globe and Mail report on May 20, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly announced a ban on the import of luxury goods such as Russian vodka, caviar and diamonds, and would impose further economic sanctions on senior officials of the Putin regime and their relatives.

Russian goods banned from importing this time include alcohol, fish and seafood.  At the same time, Canada has also banned the export of daily necessities such as cigarettes, jewelry, designer products and clothing to Russia worth about $76 million, and imposed an export ban on key products that Russia can use in the production and manufacture of weapons.

In addition, Joly also announced that 14 senior Russian officials and oligarchs and their families, including billionaire Alexander Lebedev, the owner of Russia’s largest fishing company Glen Frank and his wife, and their son, Sergei Frank, the former CEO of Russia’s largest shipping company  would be on sanctions.

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