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Image Source:Reuters

A spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) said he is firmly opposed to any form of official contacts and military ties between the United States and Taiwan, Sina reported on May 25.

Tan Kefei, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of the CCP, reiterated today that “engaging in ‘Taiwan independence’ is a dead end, and supporting ‘Taiwan independence’ is also a road of no return”.  He criticized the U.S. for repeatedly stating that it pursues a one-China policy and does not support “Taiwan independence,” but for some time now, the U.S. has continued to play the “Taiwan card” and try to “control China with Taiwan,” which is bound to lead the situation into a dangerous situation. He also said that the issue of Taiwan does not allow any foreign interference,  and to organize a multi-service joint combat police patrol and combat exercises the PLA eastern war zone in the sea and airspace around the island of Taiwan, is in response to the United States and Taiwan collusion, according to the need to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity to take the necessary action. He also emphasized that the PLA is ready to take all measures to resolutely thwart the interference of external forces and the secessionist attempts of “Taiwan independence”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry yesterday also criticized the United States for “taking great pains to play word games on the one-China principle” and pointed out that the U.S. would pay an unbearable price if it continued on the wrong path.

But the fact is that it is the CCP’s own madness that has brought it to this point.

Source: https://news.sina.com.cn/c/2022-05-25/doc-imizirau4748101.shtml#/