Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: Gnews

The best way to make yourself invincible forever is to tell the truth, so Mr. Guo practiced a trick to tell the truth back then, because the worst result is that you are too real, more than a lie to be exposed, both to gain the respect of the other party and to avoid one of the lowest and worst losses, and to get an honest or silly outcome.

Very few people in the surrounding circle knew about something of Mr Guo’s in Qingfeng Detention Center, that is, Yuda staff and colleagues did not know about it at the time. Once a teacher, always a father! He Lingle, who knew, cared for and loved Mr. Guo the most and knew what he was up to.

He treated Mr. Guo better than he would have treated his own son. His wife and his two sons could not say a word against Mr. Guo in front of him, or else he would not be able to stand it. You can see how much he loved and cared for him. His brother was a member of the PLA’s General Staff Department, and many of his family members worked in the army, and several of them were also involved in intelligence work.

But it was only after a long period of contact that He once suddenly said to Guo: “Wengui, you are living a life of tightrope walking! Be sure to keep the Qingfeng matter well hidden and don’t mention it to anyone”. Chairman Xia Ping later also sensed that Mr. Guo was not just trying to make money, she found out that Mr. Guo was setting up a big game, weaving a huge social network, building up his strong economic power and international connections step by step!

This photo was taken in 1993 at his mansion in Enji Garden, Wanshou Road, Beijing, when Mr Guo was holding an eagle. The eagle was Mr. Guo’s favorite eagle and it was given to him in Mexico after being arranged to meet a certain high ranking person. Mr. Guo met the man after visiting museums and buildings in Mexico, and then went to a 5,000 acre Spanish style hacienda for dinner, and the scene couldn’t have been more awesome!

Mr Guo’s mansion in Enji Gardens consisted of three houses linked together, each of which cost over $10 million at the time, and contained the best furniture, ornaments, crystal and TVs of the time. Today it has all been confiscated by the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Security as secret state assets, which shows that Mr Guo has lost a lot of tangible and intangible things in the matter of exterminating the Communist Party.

At that time, Yang Dezhong, Yang Baibing and other key members of the Chinese Communist Party military, as well as directors and stars such as Feng Gong, all lived in the mansion in Enji Garden. In front of Mr Guo’s mansion was Deng Xiaoping’s old house. Wang Qishan’s mansion is just across the river from the Wanshou Road Hotel, next door to the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security.

At that time, Mr. Guo had already penetrated into the core of the intelligence center of the Communist Party’s Security Department in Wanshou Road, just like the Communist Party’s film “No War in Peking”, and had already gone to work inside the home of the president of Peking University. This set-up was very intelligent, bold, crucial and important at the time, so much inevitably used to happen inside this mansion of Mr Guo’s!

In the forefront of this photo is Building 18 of the Enji Garden, which was the first mansion to be linked together by Buildings 1, 3 and 7. His developer was then the first local Chinese developer to use imported Italian steel doors and windows.

This photo was taken in the winter of 1997/1998 when we went to a farmhouse for dinner after snowboarding in Heilongjiang, and the photo now tests almost everyone. It would be great if fellow fighters could figure out this photo! At that time Mr. Guo’s hair and body shape is simply handsome.The man on the right, wearing gray clothes, is the son of He Shanheng of Hang Seng Bank. He now lives in Canada and lives at 43 Repulse Bay, Hong Kong. The person wearing a hat behind him is Lao Hongjun, the founder of Da Chang Yang.

The lady on the right in the photograph is the head of the Pao Yukong family at the time. The man on the left wearing glasses is one of the partners of Yuda and also the head of the Chong family, the earliest shareholder of Wharf in Hong Kong.

The former owners of Wharf at the time were all determined to invest in Yuda because of Mr Guo. Now the largest and most valuable land in Hong Kong is in Wharf. Pao Yuk-kong, Tung’s father Tung Ho-yun, the Wharf’s bankers and the Wong family, Sr. Deng, grandfather of Joseph Deng, and later Li Ka-shing make up the real swamp of Hong Kong.

The man directly opposite Mr Guo in the photograph (who does not appear in the photo) is the founder of the Omega family, now the owner of Hermes. You can imagine what these people meant to Mr Guo at the time, not to mention the fact that all these people are still very much part of the world today! DCH Lau Hung Chun’s first deal back then, and its biggest one at HK$8.9 billion, was a sale to the red capitalist Wing Chi Kin.

The Hang Seng family in Hong Kong now has great assets and influence, and the most important one under its command is the Golden Harvest Group. The owner of Golden Harvest, Ho Koon Cheong, is also Jackie Chan’s boss and lives at 43 Repulse Bay in Hong Kong. These celebrities, including Golden Harvest chairman Zou Wenhuai, owner Ho Koon Chong, film and television star Jackie Chan, Hang Seng chairman Ha Ping, and film, television and song star Anita Mui, were the Chinese version of Hollywood at the time.

Mr Guo could then work in the entertainment and film industry in Hong Kong and could even become the boss of a star. At that time, in the era of He Guanchang, He Shanheng, and Zou Wenhuai, what happened to Yang Shoucheng? If Mr. Guo enters this industry, how can there be such a thing as today’s entertainment industry bigwigs in Hong Kong?

These people shared a common belief with Mr. Guo : the Communists would destroy Hong Kong sooner or later! At that time, there was no “97” reunification, the situation was not yet so clear, and there were still endless variables. At that time, Mr. Guo had no interest in pursuing a career in show business.

Although it was only logical that Mr. Guo, given his age and strength, would be tempted by the path of stardom and fame, and it would have been a natural progression for him to emigrate to Hong Kong and even to settle in the US and Europe to take charge of Golden Harvest, Mr. Guo resolutely refused the lure of fame and fortune and stayed in China to prepare for the destruction of the Communist Party!

If Mr. Guo had chosen to settle abroad or stay in Hong Kong to enjoy his fame, how could he have fulfilled his promise to destroy the Communist Party in Qingfeng Detention Center? Stupid people always find all sorts of excuses for their laziness, cowardice, selfishness, greed and lust for glory. All opportunities do not come by waiting, but by hard work, dedication and commitment. What seems like the worst choice at the time is usually the one that proves to be the best later!