May 25th, 2022

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In a recent article published by Breitbart on 24th May 2022, they report on the news that the evil CCP has unbelievably and disturbingly boasted in their state-run ‘Global Times,’ that Chinese companies are preparing to cash in on the possibility of a new pandemic, the monkeypox pandemic with yet another nucleic acid test kit and vaccines. 

The Chinese Communist newspaper reported “Several Chinese test kit makers contacted by the Global Times on Monday said they have developed nucleic acid test kits for monkeypox, which can be quickly put into mass production and on the domestic market once approved by the government,” the Global Times added, “Meanwhile, experts pointed out that there are no technical problems in developing a vaccine against monkeypox and a rapid special review by China’s drug administration could help the country develop the vaccine in roughly a year.”

Zero monkeypox outbreaks or infections have been reported in China to date but no surprise, the propaganda churning CCP is still working its insidious magic as Chinese social media is bubbling with conspiracy theories that the U.S. government weaponised the disease and is deliberately spreading it, which considering the globally recognised origin of the CCP virus (Covid-19) it is amazing how well the CCP’s propaganda can cause the brainwashed people of china to fuel their own ignorance, as many of them still think America manufactured the CCP virus, even though they most certainly did indirectly fund it with the help of the sinister snake Dr Fauci but we all know where it was made, apart from the very people who actually live there.

Monkeypox is a variant of smallpox, and can typically be treated with the pre-existing smallpox vaccines. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday said it would release some smallpox vaccines from the national stockpile for treating monkeypox patients. The CDC has over 100 million doses of an older smallpox vaccine that has some undesirable side effects, plus about 1,000 doses of a newer vaccine called Jynneos that was approved for use against monkeypox in 2019.

The CDC expects to receive more doses of Jynneos in the coming weeks and has ordered a supply of an oral antiviral medicine called tecovirimat that has been approved for use against smallpox. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has about 31 million doses of smallpox vaccine in storage, but some of the doses are decades old. The CDC added that while more cases than usual have been detected outside of Africa over the past few weeks, the monkeypox “outbreak” is tiny compared to the CCP virus and has been traced to specific groups of people, so there is no apparent need to vaccinate the general population.

Editors Comments; This whole monkeypox outbreak talk has really had me thinking the last couple of weeks and I’m not sure whether to be worried, dubious or angry. Obviously, any disease/ virus/ infection that could potentially become a global pandemic is something we should all take seriously and what we all need to make sure does not happen is that we blindly ignore any or all data/ statistics or scientific theories surrounding this new potential danger, but considering how many of us including myself feel lied to surrounding the CCP virus this is not going to be easy. but in the same regard, we most certainly should not blindly follow these things either, and maybe the CCP virus can be a turning point in society, and people will and should start using their own initiative to decide how they act, what they believe and what they decide to let governments and big Pharma pump into their own and their families bodies, and the fact the CCP is boasting about how their Chinese companies are preparing to cash in on this just goes to show this very point.

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