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Recently, mainland media reported that all or parts of Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places have begun to require normalization of nucleic acid testing.

On 21 May, Henan Province announced the start of regular nucleic acid testing. The Henan Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued a notice specifying the work of regular nucleic acid testing in Henan Province, requiring that residents and other people in Henan should complete at least one nucleic acid sample every 48 hours in principle (one sampling day apart). Zhengzhou City will be the first to start at the end of May, and other provincial cities in Henan will establish corresponding working mechanisms by the end of June.

According to the latest research report on the normalization of nucleic acid testing, if all first- and second-tier cities in China (with a population of 505 million in 2021) implement normalized nucleic acid testing in the future, the monthly cost of normalized nucleic acid will be capped at 121.2 billion yuan.

The editor believes that the CCP’s move is to use nucleic acid testing to strengthen social control and manage ordinary people like livestock slaves, just like the animal slaves that Seventh Brother said. At the same time, the upper-level families of the CCP used nucleic acid testing to make money wantonly, and they still had no bottom line to steal social wealth when the economy collapsed. Local officials also used the epidemic to play political cards to help their bosses and masters do evil to gain a stable position or a chance for promotion.

A WeChat, like a mini-novel, tells the story of how a nucleic acid scam in Shanghai was exposed. The original text is as follows:

The residents were tested positive for nucleic acid by Zhongke Runda, and the epidemic control center immediately sent people to forcibly send them to the Fangcang shelter hospital. The dramatic problem lies in the crazy and stupid Zhongke Runda. They don’t even know that Chen Saijuan lives in this community!

Chen Saijuan – Chinese expert in cytogenetics and molecular genetics, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, member of the Academy of Sciences for Developing Countries, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Medical Genomics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Executive Director of the Blood Research Institute at Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and Chairman of the 10th Committee of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. 

She is also a  resounding medical expert! What’s more, Chen Saijuan’s husband, Chen Zhu, is currently the Vice-Chairman of the National People’s Congress (vice state level).

Chen Saijuan, knowing that she could not have been infected, called the government leaders directly and strongly requested a review. The Huangpu District CDC immediately sent a single person with a single tube to review the test and it was confirmed negative. This was followed by a community-wide recheck, all negative!

After the incident, the man-eating tiger Zhongke Runda, who had already made a lot of money (net profit of 350 million), happened to hit the muzzle of the gun that was pulling the trigger. This officially declares its death! (According to the extended news, the company has immediately revoked its medical license, and the responsible person has been criminally detained by the public security organ and a case has been filed for investigation).

The nucleic acid testing scam is not a triumph of good and a defeat of evil, but a “dog bites dog – internal conflict” in the evil social structure, a case of “the water washed over the dragon king’s temple, and the family was not recognised”. It is the drama of the “madness and stupidity”.

Imagine if the “crazy and stupid Zhongke Runda” had known that “Chen Saijuan” lived in this neighbourhood, and if they had known that “Chen Saijuan’s husband, Chen Zhu, is the current Vice-Chairman of the National People’s Congress (vice state level). ” Then they wouldn’t be scamming here.

This sad little story is not an advancement of civilisation but an ode to darkness – an inadvertent flaunting of the “freedom and dignity” of the Zhao family, who wielded the power of life and death and looting, and of the high-ranking lackeys who guarded the Zhao family’s home. To punish the grassroots, along with the white gloves who plundered the wealth for the Zhao family (such as the “crazy and stupid Zhongke Runda”), is like crushing a bedbug.


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