The NFSC rescue camp in Medyka, Poland, hosted an 81-year-old grandmother. Accompanied by her daughter, she walked 60 kilometers from her hometown to our camp and waited for her son driving from Germany to pick her up. Her frail body exhausted by the long walk. She was relieved when our front-line fellow fighters prepared a comfortable bed and took care of her like she was their own grandmother. After drinking a cup of tea, the calm grandmother took off her scarf and asked if we have a comb so she could comb her hair.

Despite the flames of war, the Ukrainians have always maintained their perseverance, calmness, and dignity. Missiles cannot conquer people’s minds and the light of humanity shines through the battlefield. Dear Mama, we salute you and offer our deepest respect to you!

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Newscaster: Chris, 七哥老妹

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